About Modern Tally

Modern Tally offers handmade Kindle cases, toiletry cases, and zipper pouches for the people who believe function and beauty can coexist perfectly. 

What Modern Tally stands for:

A bit of charm. You may have to keep things professional with boring black handbags, but the small pouch inside that bag should make you smile every time you look in.

Thoughtfulness. You want your gift to reflect appreciation and care, so when I make it I put the same into it.

Quality. Because there’s no point in buying it if it’s not going to last.

You might also enjoy more information about our personalization options or some peeks behind the scenes.

I’m Leah Buckley. The owner (and everything else) of Modern Tally. I believe:

leah at her desk holding a coffee mug

Quality matters.

A personalized gift is a thoughtful gift.

You can never have too many pouches. 

About Leah.

As a busy mom and a lifelong maker and sewist, I fully appreciate the value of a really good pouch or three to not only wrangle the endless bits and bobs that take over your tote bag and your car, but also look super cute while holding everything together. (Am I talking about the pouch or about you? Either works, honestly.

an overhead view of leah's desk

With a deep love for little luxuries (a pretty bouquet on my desk, a unique blend of tea from a specialty shop, or a high-end pair of thread snips) and a passion for giving my friends and family the perfect gift every time, I delight in making the little details juuuust right for you. 

I want you to smile when you pull your cute pouch holding lip balm and hand cream out of your tote, instead of dumping the whole bag out on the table to find what you’re looking for.

I want you to shrug it off when you accidentally spill some coffee on the pouch, because you know it’s washable.

I want you to feel confident that you’ve given your kid’s teacher a useful and thoughtful gift that no one else is going to duplicate.

I want you to relax a little in the weeks before Christmas because you got each of your nieces a personalized clutch that came gift-wrapped.

Some things about me:

My favorite part of parenting so far is introducing my boys to Harry Potter

I read constantly and believe libraries are one of the best parts of society

Modern Tally is fueled by Starbucks Chai, Lime LaCroix, and Earl Grey tea.

I am a Virgo through and through.