Make a gift extra special by adding a leather monogrammed tag to it! I make each tag by individually heating up each letter and stamping it into the leather, then use brass rivets to attach the tag to the pouch. I use vegetable tanned leather which darkens and softens with age and use. 

The "ALE" tag is one I made for sample purposes about a year ago. It is noticeably darker and shinier than the "CH" tag which was made the day before this photograph was taken.

I make each tag with care, but each letter is individually heated and stamped into the leather, and the nature of that process means there will be imperfections. Letters are not usually perfectly straight and level, and there is occasionally a stray mark on the tag. I am not trying to achieve machine-perfect impressions and I have tried to represent that in the sample monograms pictured in my shop, so please ensure that you have a good understanding of what to expect before you decide to order a monogram. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Monogram prices vary with the number of letters desired, and monogramming is not available for all items. If it is available, you will see the option on the item page. There is a space at checkout for special instructions; leave your desired letters there!