Handmaid Luxury Hand Cream

$7.00 $10.00

Modern care for the hands you love.

Handmaid is hydrating, soothing, smoothing care for your hardworking hands. Enriched with shea butter, olive oil and vitamins A and E, it rejuvenates and protects dry skin.

The 3 oz. bottle makes a perfect companion with any of our pouches for gifting and traveling!

It's lightly, deliciously scented to match your favorite Soak fragrances. 

Apply sparingly. Rub thoroughly. Get back to it.

Pineapple Grove: Be a pineapple. Stand Tall, wearing a lily filled crown, and always be sweet on the inside.

Scentless: Keeps your hand-washables (and sensitive skin) clean and fragrance-free.

Celebration: Sweet, delicate and absolutely delicious, this perennial favourite smells like good, clean fun.

Yuzu: Pucker up and give your laundry some love with a kiss of tart citrus + crushed eucalyptus.

Lacey: Combines spring blossoms with sweet bergamot creating a light yet alluring fragrance.

Fig: Ripened with sweet fig and lychee and crowned by dandelions.