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New personalization options!

New personalization options!

Check out the fancy new and improved monogram tags! At the end of last year I purchased some new tools so I could improve my personalization offerings. From my first leather monogram three and a half years ago, I have worked hard to make a more consistent and efficient product.leather monogram tagsAt first they were attached by hand with embroidery thread. They were usually a little wonky and often stamped a little unevenly because of the totally manual, letter-by-letter process, and it took me many attempts to get a tag that was usable.hand-stitched leather monogram tagMy next innovation was using brass rivets to attach the leather tags, but I was still stamping totally freehand so the wonkiness was still there. Then my dad built me an awesome jig that helped me keep everything evenly spaced and straight up and down. This was a huge game changer and I did it like this for over a year. But I still struggled was stamping each letter individually and struggling to get even impressions, which meant lots of time spent redo-ing things.floral makeup bag with leather monogramFinally, here we are. Things are fast and beautiful and consistent and almost totally free of do-overs.zipper pouches with leather monogramsIt's been a long road! I have been proud of my work every step of the way, but I'm always striving to make things better. I'm so happy with this development and I think you will be too.

In addition to being fast and beautiful, I have an expanded character set! I can now do 0-9, A-Z (capitals only), as well as ♡ ♥ ★ * @ / & # ? - _ . The door is now wide open for you to get creative! An anniversary, a silly hashtag, or just some hearts and stars to fancy things up.leather mongorams with expanded character setPersonalization is available on almost every bag I sell, so hop on over and find the one with your name on it! 

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